PackagingWisdomThe newly updated 4th Edition of Packaging Wisdom: A Family Care Coordination Notebook is now a digital, fillable, saveable, and printable notebook! This notebook is a great resource for families to help organize information regarding your child's chronic health needs. Packaging Wisdom will help make it easier to keep track of health care changes, contacts, and share information with your child's care team, child care, school, and family members.

Download the complete Packaging Wisdom: A Family Centered Care Coordination Notebook, or any of the following sections:

What is PHP of WY, Inc.?

Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming, Inc is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1990. Governed by a board of directors, the majority who are parents or family members of children with disabilities. PHP 's mission is to help families become more active in their children’s learning and education, to serve and support children with and without disabilities through advocacy, education, and referral. 

It is the policy of the Parent Information Center to ensure equitable access to and participation in its activities for all Wyoming families with special attention paid to ensuring access for the most underserved families due to poverty, disability, race, color, language, ethnicity, immigrant status or national origin, gender, or age.

PHP of WY is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization; therefore, your donation is tax deductible. We welcome all donations. Every donation helps us strengthen our network of support for families.

Parent Information Center
238 N. Main St, Suite 5
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