12 Things to Know
Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

MTSS is a framework that many schools use to provide specific supports to students who are struggling. This tutorial describes what, some benefits and the process of MTSS.

1) The Goal of MTSS
The Goal of MTSS is to Intervene Early so students can catch up to their peers.

It focuses on the “whole-child” so that all stages of a child’s development are supported.

2) Who uses MTSS?
MTSS is for ALL students, including those in need of additional interventions and supports

3) How MTSS Works
1. Students who need additional support are identified early.
2. Identified students receive support in their area of need.
3. Student progress is monitored frequently to determine if supports are working.
4. Schools use data from progress monitoring to increase or decrease supports as needed.

4) The Benefits
The benefit of MTSS is it is designed to help every student succeed and for every teacher to know how to help their students.

5) Tiers
MTSSs are separated into three tiers ensuring that every child receives academic and behavioral support.

6) Tier 1
All students receive high quality instruction in the general education setting. The teacher assists all students. All students receive a universal screening to see who is and who is not responding to instruction.

7) Tier 2
Typically small groups of 3-5 (and no more than 7) students receive specific strategies to support additional learning in specific areas of need.

8) Tier 3
One-on-one instruction, specific to the needs of the student is provided.

Frequent progress monitoring occurs to determine need for additional supports or referral to special education.

9) Special Education
An evaluation for special education is usually the next step if a student is not making sufficient progress.

10) Why Should Parents Be Involved?
Research shows that when students experience connections to school, educational motivation, classroom engagement, and attendance all improve.

11) How Can Parents Learn More about MTSS?
Parents are a crucial part in implementing MTSS strategies.

Asking questions to your child’s teacher ensures that you can be involved in decision making regarding intervention strategies.

12) Frequent Communication
Frequent communication with your child’s teacher is one way to stay in touch about MTSS. 

Attending school functions and assisting with your child’s homework can also be strategies for being involved in the MTSS process.

For More Information

Download and view the PIC brochure Understanding the Tiered System of School Supports for Students’ Academic and Behavioral Growth to learn more about MTSS.

For more information and strategies to help your child contact PIC.

Download and view our latest brochure and learn more about MTSS: Understanding the Tiered System of School Supports for Students’ Academic and Behavioral Growth.  For more information and strategies to help your child contact PIC.  

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