As the parent of a child who may receive special education, you have certain rights and protections, which are guaranteed by the IDEA.  They include:

Prior written notice
Prior written notice must be in your native language and  provided to you a reasonable time before the school district proposes, refuses to initiate, or changes the identification, evaluation, educational placement or provision of a free appropriate education to your child.

Informed parent consent
you must be fully informed of all information relevant to the activity for which consent is sought, understand, and agree to the carrying out of the activity. Written consent is voluntary and may be revoked at any time.  

Revocation of Consent
Sometimes parents decide that they no longer want their child to receive special education and related services. This means that the protection and considerations granted under IDEA no longer apply.

Access to all educational records
you have the right to inspect, review and receive copies of all educational records with respect to the identification, evaluation and education placement of your child. 

Evaluation Procedures
you have the right to a full and individual evaluation of your child’s educational needs prior to initial placement in special education.  Your child should be assessed in all areas of suspected disability, based on a variety of assessment tools, including information provided by parents. 

Independent educational evaluation (IEE)
you have the right to request an independent educational evaluation at public expense if you disagree with the educational evaluation provided by the school district.  

Private school placement by parents
children with disabilities voluntarily placed by their parents in private schools must be provided an opportunity to participate in special education services.  However, they have no individual right to special education or related services.

Surrogate parents
the school district appoints a surrogate parent when the parents of the child are not known, if after reasonable efforts, no parent can be located, or the child is a ward of the state. 

Dispute Resolution
Every attempt should be made to resolve differences with the local school district as soon as they arise.   If they cannot be resolved, you may request mediation or a due process hearing.

A process to assist you and the school in resolving disagreements regarding a student's special education program.  A trained mediator works with both parties to guide them toward a mutually satisfactory solution in the best interest of the student, at no cost to parents.

State Complaints
Wyoming Department of Education has established procedures to provide for the filing of complaints by individuals or organizations alleging that a school district has failed to follow state and/or federal law in providing a student with disabilities a free appropriate public education

Due Process Hearings
An administrative hearing on any matter relating to the proposal or refusal of a school district to initiate or change the identification, evaluation, educational placement or free appropriate public education of a child.  The hearing must be conducted by an impartial hearing officer, and scheduled at a time and place reasonably convenient to parents.

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