PIC Outreach Parent Liaison -- Casper
Job Description (revised 9/2015)

Status: Full time to part -time flexible schedule (80-160 hours/month, summer drops to 40-80 hrs/month in June and July July), beginning at $14.00 – $20.00 hourly (depending on education/experience), non-exempt status.

Qualifications: Preference goes to a parent or family member of a child with disabilities (age 3-25) with personal knowledge of and experience with disabilities, IEP’s, the special education process and their impact on families. Bachelor’s degree in social services, education and/ or related field. Experience in public speaking is a plus.

Skills required: Must possess good public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. Must be self-motivated and a self-starter to work in a satellite office without daily, onsite direction. Successful applicant must have the ability to problem-solve and negotiate with teams. Must have the ability and knowledge to use e-mail and computers with Microsoft Office software as a communication tool. Must have the capability to learn and understand legal regulations of the IDEA, and be able to explain them to families.

Basic Responsibilities: The Outreach Parent Liaisons main priority is to empower parents by providing information and training so that they can understand their rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The majority of this is done through one-on-one support and problem solving over the phone or in person concerning IEP and disability issues. Other responsibilities are to coordinate/facilitate at least 3 workshops/ trainings in the Casper / Glenrock/Douglas area. Successful applicant must be able to work flexible hours to include early mornings, evenings, and some weekends. Some out-of-town travel is required for annual staff training in Buffalo, and to attend IEPs in Douglas, Casper and Glenrock as requested, so applicant must have the ability to travel and access to personal vehicle for travel. (Mileage is reimbursed at $0.55/mile) The Outreach Liaisons’ are the “fingers” into the community who offer support and information on a personal basis, while being a voice for PIC in their community. The Project Director is the PIC Outreach Parent Liaison's direct supervisor.

Specific job functions and competencies for direct parent support:

  1. Provide individual support and accurate information to families on IDEA, IEPs and available resources;
  2. Performing intake procedures (contact logs), documenting activities and contacts on a daily and monthly basis, by pen and paper and on the computer;
  3. Market and advertise the program throughout the region;
  4. Attend IEP/IFSP meetings upon request (after required PIC training & orientation);
  5. Coordinate/facilitate at least 3 trainings/workshops in the Casper/Douglas/Glenrock area;
  6. Maintain and update resources and contacts for central office database;
  7. Provide a local “voice” for PIC by attending local interagency and planning meetings and networking with community service providers;
  8. Serve as a liaison between local community /region and the central PIC office;
  9. Participate in staff professional development opportunities (at least one in Buffalo yearly - absolute requirement); &
  10. Adhere to all confidentiality policies.

To apply, please complete the application. It may be printed, filled out manually, and mailed to Parent Information Center, 500 W Lott St Suite A Buffalo, WY 82834, or it may be filled out electronically. Save the completed application to your computer and email as an attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You may want to save it periodically to avoid data loss.

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What is PHP of WY, Inc.?

Parents Helping Parents of Wyoming, Inc is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1990. Governed by a board of directors, the majority who are parents or family members of children with disabilities. PHP 's mission is to help families become more active in their children’s learning and education, to serve and support children with and without disabilities through advocacy, education, and referral. 

It is the policy of the Parent Information Center to ensure equitable access to and participation in its activities for all Wyoming families with special attention paid to ensuring access for the most underserved families due to poverty, disability, race, color, language, ethnicity, immigrant status or national origin, gender, or age.

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