Reading and writing are skills we use in every part of our life. Together these skills form literacy and are the building blocks of your child’s future. Literacy begins long before a child starts school. Join Julie Yager and Carolyn Lampman Brubaker as they explore dozens of entertaining activities to help develop early literacy skills and build a love of reading and writing.

Copies of the Building Blocks DVD are available from PIC. Contact PIC for the transcripts of this video. The video is also available in Spanish.

Literacy (7:43 mins)


Reading (5:22 mins)


Reading continued (7:33 mins)


Writing (10:41 mins)


Produced by:Julie Yager, Carolyn Lampman Brubaker & Nora Baxter Screenplay by:Carolyn Lampman Brubaker Directed by: Nora Baxter Assistant Director: Bethany Brubaker Images by: Nora Baxter & Pete Hickerson Edited by:Pete Hickerson & Nora Baxter Logo and cover design: Nora Baxter Photo cover model:Destiny Prom, 6 months old


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